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I have just received my new saddle. How do I look after it?
Your saddle will be delivered in a special container together with a pot of BELHARRA saddle balm and very detailed care instructions, which you should study carefully. Before first use you should grease the saddle abundantly with BELHARRA saddle balm in order to soften, nourish and protect the leather. For subsequent care please refer to the care instructions.
Whilst riding I just got caught in the rain and my saddle is very wet. Can I grease it?
Before doing anything else, let your saddle dry in a well-aired place for at least 24 hours. Once the saddle is completely dry, clean it with leather soap if dirty and wait for it to dry again. Only now can you start greasing your saddle.
Can I use leather care products other than those by Devoucoux?
DEVOUCOUX BELHARRA balm and leather soap have a very low solvent content, and are particularly suitable for looking after our leathers. You can use other products, as long as they are not caustic, and do not have a high solvent content. Solvents make the dirt removal easier, but they dry out the leather and attack the colours, leaving the leather mottled.
What simple care advice can you give me for the leather on my tack?
Leather is a natural product that needs regular care if it is to last and increase in beauty. Always stick to this order of care treatments: -clean the leather to get rid of dirt, -leave to dry naturally, -grease to hydrate and protect, -keep in a well-aired place with low humidity.

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